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One of the things which grieved me when Linda and I were married is her reluctance to produce art. She was an accomplished at painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. She brought a number of her paintings to our marriage, but for some reason she didn’t do anything with it after we married.

I didn’t know why. It bothered me a bit. I was ready to put aside some space for her to paint, but she didn’t seem interested.

Fast forward about fifteen years.

She published her first book, Davy’s Days, a children’s book. She hired a local artist (noted for her paintings of cranes - the bird, not the heavy equipment) to illustrate it instead of doing her own artwork. Then her second book, Davy’s Adventures, also by that same artist. Linda is a good artist, so why didn’t she do her own illustrations?

When she started putting together Eleazar and Friends, her previous illustrator seemed reluctant to work on it - for various reasons I won’t go into. But Linda stepped up and did her own illustrations. I think they turned out nicely, but I may be biased.

She explained:

“I misused my ability and God removed it from me. When Del Lucka didn’t want to illustrate Eleazar and Friends, we both prayed for me to regain that talent. God was good.” (That’s a paraphrase, not a direct quote.)

So Eleazar and Friends is now available. It’s a children’s story and activity book with coloring pages, connect-the-dots, word searches, and more. Kids love to interact with the stories they read (or have read to them). Eleazar and Friends is perfect for that purpose.

I’m proud to call Linda my wife, and proud she calls me her husband.

There's an interview with her here, starting at about 15:40 into the video.

You can find the links below here at the Meier Writers hub by clicking Kids Stories in the upper right corner, or directly at the links provided.

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