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My name is Mark Meier, and I'm an author. 

I was brought up on a farm, then assisted my father in the construction business, and knew I didn't want a career involving labor.  With a certain amount of skill in computers, I declared that as a major when I went to college.  Soon it became obvious I wasn't cut out for that.

For four years I coasted, then finally got sick of the whole "college" scene. A bit of digging revealed the quickest way to get a degree was to take these three Philosophy classes.  Yes, I graduated with a BS in Philosophy -- and I love to put it that way.

I flipped burgers, did odd jobs, and eventually one of those turned into a career of sorts.  My first radio job was in 1992, and I've worked in that industry ever since.

I've always been a storyteller.  One day I became a published storyteller.  On Facebook I discovered a ton of others who also told stories.  Most of them had the same problem I did: rising to the top of the pool of a million authors.

I hope you can enjoy some of my stories. Learn more on this site, or look here. My wife writes, too. Take a look at her writing.

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