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Ebony Sea Origins is a collection of science fiction short stories set in the not-so-distant future.
Lifepod tells the story of a young boy who is accidentally ejected from a starliner in a lifepod just before the ship explodes.
Recovery is about a trader who escapes from a fascist regime just before the government cracks down. She comes across a starliner that ejects a lifepod just as the ship is destroyed.
Colony Lost details an exploration of a colony world which suddenly stops communicating with Earth.
The Closet tells is about a Marine trying to evacuate a colony and is trapped on the surface in a panic room.
Gray Four is part of a task force sent to evacuate the colony.
Crukavi explains the efforts the small crew of a tiny ship trying to escape the fascist expansion.
To Mars and Back tells the story of a newly-promoted Lt. Commander put in charge for the first time. The captain tells him, "Take her to Mars and back." Then the fascist fleet attacks.
Each of these stories (except Crukavi) is available individually on Kindle. The collection includes the bonus story of Crukavi. Each is a stand-alone story, but they have more meaning when read together and in order.
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