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My first novel in The Archives is coming along nicely.

When I say it's the first, I don't mean chronologically. This is not the first story in that universe. It's merely the first to have this much development, and will probably be the first published. If the series reaches across 10,000 years, this is about a quarter of the way through.

Why start there?

Because it's sort of a pivot point in the overall plot. This novel would be an anchor point from which I'll be extrapolating forward and backward. Getting this story right will set things in place for everything else to build from.

So far there's only 17,000 words written, but that's about 10k more than any of the other stories. This is my starting point. From here I research and write.

The Archives takes shape.

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  • Mark Meier

There’s a movie version of Frank Herbert’s Dune that came out back in the 1980s. Personally, I really liked the David Lynch’s interpretation, despite what most others have expressed. Sure, there were things I didn’t like, but overall I liked the characterization.

The beginning of that movie had an introduction by the Princess Irulan. “The beginning is a very delicate time.” There was a chapter header in the book (it wasn’t the first chapter) with a similar sentiment.

I’m writing in The Archives right now – the first novel. I have a working title, but it’ll change probably three times before I settle in on it, so I won’t give it out now. But the beginning of the first novel requires a delicate touch. If one thing is is “off” a bit, everything will be off. And there could be in the neighborhood of thirty books in this series.

So far I have about forty pages written. Some of that is a sketch of the plot, but the actual prose of the story has been getting a going-over multiple times. Each time I detect something missing or wrong that would affect not only this book but the rest of them, too.

Yes, the beginning is a very delicate time.

The Archives is coming together. Slowly for now, but it’s on the way.

Anyone who is interested in reading VERY rough drafts and commenting, please contact me.

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In case you haven’t already noticed, The Brotherhood is now available. The question I’ve been wrestling with is what to work on next?

BTW, if you haven’t left an Amazon review, please do so. Authors can only get better if they receive feedback. Your views are very relevant to me so I can improve my skills.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have too many ideas to finish them all before I depart this Earth. I’ve been dabbling with my first novel in The Archives, there are already a number of options to expand on The Brotherhood, Ebony Sea has a couple of publications already in the works, then there’s Ravid, due out next year. That one has two sequels already mapped out and significant progress in the second book.

So, what to focus on next? If you follow me on Facebook, feel free to send me a direct message about what you’d like me to work toward. I’m leaning (at the moment) toward The Archives. But Ravid’s sequel, Aviel, would be the quickest since I’m so far along in developing that. Ebony Sea practically writes itself, though.

If you’ve read this far you can tell I’m a trifle conflicted. I want to do them all, and a Brotherhood story set centuries ago has been in my mind for decades – before The Brotherhood was written, BTW. This story would be made part of that plot line. If you know of my story Siba, that would be part of it, too.

So many options, so little time.

If I published four novels every year I could, potentially, get everything done before my life expectancy expires. But then again, that’s only the existing ideas.

What will I think of next?

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