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Welcome to Meier Writers

Even though my first post was made on May 24, I didn't want to be "officially open for business" for a while. I wanted content available for people to see so they wouldn't visit and get an Under Construction notification. So here I am with my first post after I started telling people about it.

Meier Writers is intended to be a hub for authors and other interested parties. I'll be putting up funny images for those who like puns, and if I can get things squared away I'll be posting podcasts from Blondie and the Brit to give tips on writing. Still some technical work to do before that will happen. I'm working on it, KJ Waters.

I hope you'll find something of interest here. Enjoy what's already available, and visit often to find something new.

Thanks for coming.

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Jun 07, 2018

What would life be without your puns? Thank you for giving me a few laughs today.


Tim Underwood
Tim Underwood
Jun 04, 2018

First. Will you post any short stories or excerpts of yours here?

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