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Welcome KJ Waters

Mark, thank you so much for inviting me to your blog. It is truly an honor to be featured here. I wanted to share a little about my writing journey with your readers today and give them a glimpse into my world.

I’ve been writing for about 10 years for pleasure. Before that I wrote insanely boring things for a healthcare company and worked my way up to Director of Marketing where I could at least write a little bit more exciting thing. I quit that busy life to raise my kids and after a few years of finger paints and dirty faces I decided my mind needed bigger worlds.

In 2005, I made the leap to writing fiction and have been working on the Stealing Time series ever since, releasing Stealing Time in 2015, Shattering Time in 2017, and working on Killing Time to release next year with a short story Blow released in 2016. My world switches seamlessly from piano and ballet lessons to writing “breathtakingly original” fiction where my characters are thrown back in time during wicked hurricanes.

I invite you to check out my Stealing Time Series, so you can experience the power of the storm and see how I merge all of this into a compelling series. Here is one recent review:

Shattering Time is a page turner, and for that reason is a quick read. I definitely recommend it, even to those who never thought they would enjoy time travel fiction. Oddly enough, I only recognized the complexity of the characters after I completed the book and let it all sink in.

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