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Time to Buckle Down

Why am I blogging? To tell the truth, I don’t really think my life is all that interesting. I’ve had a lot of things happen that are interesting to me, but it doesn’t translate that well when I try to tell others. So what’s an author to do? I can only talk about myself or my writing for a bit, then I wonder if anyone really cares. Getting and keeping a following on a blog takes consistent content that’s of interest. If I don’t think I’m interesting, readers will pick up on it and stay away in droves. As an author trying to get noticed it’s difficult gaining and keeping an audience. The purpose of this blog is to give up a plank of my platform to other authors. Among the participants, perhaps we can generate enough interest to draw an audience. To that end, I’m going to be opening up this blog to authors I know a bit about, respect, and in most cases have read some of their work. They might have a bigger audience than I do, they might have a smaller following. Doesn’t matter. I like math. It’s beautiful, IMHO. So let’s do some: If I have ten authors who consistently blog here, that means they’ll have a posting every ten weeks. If they each have (on average) ten followers who look for them here, that’s a hundred people reading this blog. Using that average, I’d have only ten readers. Dismal. The number, not the people reading. Anyone who reads is awesome. If I increase that number of authors by only one, and each brings in one more reader, that’s 11 X 11, or 121. My plan is to keep increasing the number of authors participating until critical mass is reached for at least one of them. They’ll get popular enough they don’t need this platform, and we’ll have room for another up-and-coming author. So far I’ve lined up authors that run from romance to thriller, children’s to science fiction, YA to literary. Each will have links to their media pages, even if it’s just to where you can buy their books. Are they on Twitter? You’ll find a link. Facebook? Blog? Whatever. The purpose here is to connect readers with authors. And I trust these authors to write good stories.

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Jun 17, 2018

I'm caught by the visualization of readers staying away in droves, like a flock of sheep scrambling to board a ship, each one glancing back with a look of horror. Perhaps we can turn them all around so they return in droves.

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