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The Brotherhood

For those who haven’t seen the posts, I’ve been actively working toward finding a venue for The Brotherhood. I submitted to four or five publishers, which have all let their “respond by” dates expire. “If we don’t get in touch within XX days, assume we’re not interested.”

So on March first I began submitting to agents. Many publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors. An agent is needed. So back in December I identified a dozen or so agents who I thought might be a good fit for The Brotherhood.

I’m submitting to two agents per week, and will until I work through that list. Should take six weeks to query a dozen agents, right?


At least two agencies have closed up. At least one agent I identified is no longer with the agency I’d located. So I’ll be done considerably sooner than six weeks.

Not to worry. I haven’t stopped writing. I haven’t stopped looking for agents and publishers.

Anyone familiar with The Brotherhood will recognize the name Mastema. That Brother is going to be featured in at least two other stories. And the Brother called Pop is already written into another story.

There’s more to come from The Brotherhood. Even if nothing comes from this round of effort, it’ll still be there for future use. Inevitably an editor or agent will ask a potential client, “What else do you have?”

If The Brotherhood isn’t my breakout story, it’ll join Ravid. Perhaps I’ll work on Ebony Sea: 1 again. That was kinda left languishing and unread.

Some of those stories are still available on Kindle, but I think only one story was actually purchased, so if I decide to publish that as a collection it’ll be brand new.

Then there’s Ebony Sea: 2. That was largely plotted out, though not outlined.

There’s so much to write, and so little time.

Then there’s The Archives.


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