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The Archives

By Mark Meier

If you've read my earlier posts you're already familiar with how I've used code names for some of my writing. I really can't believe a couple of these ideas haven't been done yet, so my current WIP is a trilogy I call Painted Wall. I'm nearly done with Book One, and should have it with Beta readers early next year.

Books Two and Three should follow a year apart, but if I can get them whipped into shape earlier, I'll be happier. It's been about twenty years since I came up with the idea, and it's time -- beyond time.

The next project I've been planning should run into the neighborhood of thirty books, and I've code-named that one Purple Crypt. But I think I've come up with a real name that won't give away my plot lines.

Just before posting this I finished a second short story to be used as an introduction to the series. The characters in these stories will never be heard from again, and the circumstances are "one-off" pieces.

I might eventually post them here, they might also be put up for sale on KDP, and will almost certainly be put into a collection of short stories prior to the release of the first novel in Purple Crypt.

In case you're wondering, the name I'll be using is:

The Archives.

Remember that, and anyone buying any of the books (collections included, individual shorts NOT included) will get a discount.

I'd like to say half-price, but it will depend a lot on how pricing goes.

Just remember, The Archives.

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