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“That’s Obsurd,” she sayed.

Every time I think I’m getting to be a talented writer, something comes and smacks me across the face and yells, “YOU’RE AN IDIOT!” A while back I was composing a Facebook post about some absurdity I witnessed. After typing it out, I noticed a couple of the words were flagged as misspelled. Right-click for suggestions: nothing I was looking for. What the . . . . I tried a couple of other options, but the suggestions were never what I wanted. How could the computer be so dense? So I did a web search for that word. Turns out “absurd” starts with the letter A, not O. “YOU’RE AN IDIOT!” As I was contemplating this blog post, I recalled another “facepalm” moment. How many times that day did I try different spellings of “said?” My computer was certainly shaking it’s CPU in disbelief. I’m sure most professionals have something like that in their lives, not just authors. In my radio job I’ve had those moments, same as when I was an architect, a carpenter, etc. There’s a joke about a carpenter – “I cut the board off three times and it’s still too short!” I bet I’ve done that. I’ve been in hundreds of cars with all sorts of methods to start them. I had to ask for help to get a car started because instead of the fob simply having to be IN the car, there was a slot where it had to be inserted. “IDIOT!” Ever sit at a green light, waiting for it to change? Then a car behind you “reminds” you that green means go? It’s that feeling. The best thing to do when that happens is to let it go, get over it, and maybe write a blog post.

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