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When I read or watch shows, I really appreciate the subtleties of the art. The best examples I can give come from TV and movies. Ever see the 1990s TV show Mad About You? A recurring character (waitress in a coffee shop) is played by Lisa Kudrow, who was one of the stars in the show Friends. In one episode has Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt telling her they hadn’t seen here lately. “Where have you been?” Her reply went something like, “Staying with Friends.” The movie Last Action Hero is full of cameos (most notable IMHO is Robert Patrick from Terminator 2 reprising his role as the T-1000), and GREAT lines that reference soooo many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. My favorite bit of subtlety comes from the TV show Eureka, which wrapped up in 2012. In the first episode in 2006, Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is driving with his daughter, Zoe, (Jordan Hinson) in the back seat of a police car. They miss a turn and end up heading into the town of Eureka. They pass a police car heading out of town, and Zoe notices the man driving THAT car is Jack Carter. In the passenger seat is an older Zoe. Then, near the end of the last episode in 2012, the pair is driving out of town. They pass a car heading into town driven by . . . Jack Carter. In the back seat is a younger Zoe. As disappointed as I was to see that show end, I actually cheered when I saw that. THAT is exactly the kind of thing I love when I watch a show. Sure, the number of people who “got it” were probably minuscule. That’s okay. I’m still impressed with that tie-in. I was surprised, however, that I picked up on the Kudrow bit. I never watched Friends.

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