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From what a FB friend of mine has indicated, FB, the Big G, YT, and others are going to be suppressing certain concepts. Apparently that’s already started. And I don’t really care.

There are alternatives to the big tech giants’ platforms, and if those giants try to suppress the others it’ll only make the whole system better in the long run. I’ve been told that G has already removed P from their app store. “Go get ‘em, G!” That’ll eventually result in another platform that WILL have P in their app store.

“They’re shutting down our servers,” I heard someone from P say. I wanted to scream, “Find someone who can create a new OS and carry your P app!” It’ll happen, eventually.

For every need there will be someone to fill it. Did the Founding Fathers have G, or P, or FB? No, because the infrastructure wasn’t there. In the same way, as long as you could get whatever you wanted from G there was no need for an alternative. Now that G is playing politics with what’s available, there’s a need for someone to have what G refuses to have.

Enter the entrepreneur.

Back in the day when computers filled whole rooms, there was no need for something smaller. As soon as the space race happened, there was a need for micro computers. Suddenly they were there, and everyone needed them. When mainframe computers were The Thing, programmers were stingy in writing code because every calculation took valuable CPU time. Now a tablet has more capability than the entire Mission Control computers during Project Mercury.

I look forward to seeing who comes up with alternatives to G and what that will end up being. It can only be better, otherwise G will continue to dominate.

There are also alternatives to YT being created. Streaming services are blossoming. Television networks aren’t needed these days.

Linda and I used to watch NCIS. When we dropped our satellite system we watched on NF. Then we dropped that, too. The show is available on the CBS streaming service, and eventually the television network will be obsolete. It’ll simple be a streaming service.

YT, G, A, and others, are simply creating the need for alternatives. Sure, there’ll be some decrease in our ability to see or hear what they’re trying to suppress.

Eventually, like computers, there’ll be OSs to bring whatever we want into our homes.

So go ahead, G. Cut your own throat. You’re creating a need that will get filled eventually.

I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

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