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Red Kettle

One of the charities I appreciate the most is the Salvation Army. Despite erroneous complaints, they support the most needy people in the community irrespective of their personal beliefs or lifestyle.

Unless that lifestyle includes habitual drug use and an unwillingness to kick the habit.

For that reason, I've decided to give $5 from every book I personally sell this month to their Red Kettle Campaign.

The limitation is that you have to buy it directly from me. I don't track sales from BN or the Big A, and cannot pledge for those sales. Besides, most of my publications have other authors associated with them. They haven't made that pledge.

The titles include:

The Handy Wisconsin Answer Book ($20).

Lost and Found: Tales of Things Gone Missing ($15).

Shadows and Teeth: Volume 1 ($15).

Ebony Sea: Origins ($10).

So at a minimum 25% of the purchase price will go into the kettle. Ebony Sea purchases will result in a 50% donation.

Thank you for your support.

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