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Q&A Tuesday

With J.S. Watts What writing resource gives the best value for the money? I have no idea, but I got in to Duotrope when it was a free resource and have continued to use it after it started charging an annual fee because it helps me in seeking and achieving publication of short stories and individual poems. What did you do with your first paychecks from writing? Um, it was a while back so I can’t actually remember. I think I may have bought a book. Tell me about how you manage your time. I’m not sure I do. I tend to work on priorities, because I have to, but I also make time for non-urgent writing and thinking. What does literary “success” look like, and have you achieved it? Once upon a time, it was just getting published. Now, for me, it would include being better known as a writer, winning a high profile award and selling more books. So, I think I’m a long way off achieving it. What marketing have you done that gives the best results? You should probably ask my publishers that, but I do find that a personal presence, such as readings and performances, sells more books. How much time do you spend actually writing? As much as I can, but never enough. How much time do you spend researching for that amount of writing? Depends on what I am writing. What did you take out of your most recent publication, and why? I’m not sure I understand the question, so I’ll pass, if I may? Do you read your reviews, and how do you respond to those reviews? Yes I read my reviews: go whoop, whoop over the good ones and cry over the bad ones, but I never actually respond to them, as in contact the reviewer. That wouldn’t be a good thing to do. Reviewers are entitled to their opinions, for good or ill.

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