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Q&A Tuesday

(Meier Writers) In what genre(s) do you write? (Nancy Allen) I write children’s books—picture books (fiction and nonfiction), chapter books, and middle grade novels. (MW) What’s the favorite book you’ve read? (NA) I don’t know that I have an absolute favorite, but one of my favorites is Bill Martin, Jr’s picture book CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM. The rhythm and rhyme is spectacular throughout the story. (MW) What’s the favorite book you’ve written? (NA) That’s like choosing my favorite child from among many. The most popular, and one of my favs, is my first book, ONCE UPON A DIME. (MW) Would you pinpoint the biggest challenge you faced as an author? (NA) Learning the craft of stringing words together to make them zing, which is a must with picture books. Competition is fierce, so the writing has to paint pictures as it connects with readers. (MW) Who has been most instrumental in your publishing career? (NA) Probably my father, who was a wonderful storyteller. I consider my love of writing a gift of the spirit from Dad. (MW) Tell me your views on the dreaded Writers’ Block. (NA) I’ve never experienced Writer’s Block. There are days when I don’t want to write, but once I start, I can usually produce something, even if it’s not a keeper. Getting started is the hard part, so I motivate myself to write with the mantra: This book won’t write itself. I never wait for my Muse to visit and get me in the mood to write. I start writing and my Muse shows up. Funny how it works that way. (MW) What keeps you away from writing? (NA) Sometimes just being lazy or out promoting my writing. Usually, I have a manuscript with me when I do all-day book signings. I find time to revise or write a little. (MW) What do you do with the bulk of your day? (NA) Keeping track of manuscripts, blogging, and keeping up with the business of writing takes time, so I’m not actually writing all day long. I’m a retired teacher/librarian. I’m also an early bird. I get up early and exercise, play with my dogs, and try to hit the computer by 8:30 each morning. I try to write some every day. Some days I write a lot. Some, not so much. I always find time to read. I read books for children, adults, and anything in-between. Reading is a must for writers. Other times, I’m solving some mystery of the universe, such as where to locate a lost sock or doggie toy.

Thanks, Nancy.

We'll have more from Nancy Allen when she comes back around in the rotation.

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