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Q&A Tuesday

(Meier Writers) In what genre do you write? (Chuck Suddeth) I just write stories, so I worry about genres and age ranges later. I like to write in a thriller style for some stories, but I enjoy writing historical stories, too. Picture books are fun. (MW) What’s the favorite book you’ve read? (CS) One book? OMG. Too many choices. (MW) What’s the favorite book you’ve written? (CS) The last book I finished. If I wasn’t in love with the story, I wouldn’t have started it to begin with. (MW) Would you pinpoint the biggest challenge you faced as an author? (CS) Age discrimination. Though I have written stories all my life, I started late in writing for publishing. (MW) Who has been most instrumental in your publishing career? (CS) No one person. Every editor, fellow writer, and so on has taught me something. (MW) Tell me your views on the dreaded Writers’ Block. (CS) I have heard of it. Like most writers, I have the opposite problem—trying to pinpoint the outstanding idea out of a multitude of ideas. (MW) What keeps you away from writing? (CS) Very little. Even when my wife was dying, I wrote—by then to keep my mind of the horror I could do nothing about. (MW) What do you do with the bulk of your day? (CS) I have 2 fulltime jobs. Writing, and I am a fulltime substitute teacher, mostly elementary. (MW) What are common traps new writers should avoid? (CS) Thinking they can just write and not edit or revise. Telling—new writers seldom keep their story active. Writing more than the story—usually called overwriting or too much backs story. (MW) How can writers help each other? (CS) Don’t say anything unless it’s constructive. Let them know your mistakes.

We'll have more questions and answers when we cycle back around to Chuck. Make sure you check out his web site for more about him.

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