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Q&A Tuesday

With Deb Hockenberry In what genre(s) do you write? I write for children. What’s the favorite book you’ve read? Hands down, that has to be any of the Harry Potter books! What’s the favorite book you’ve written? Where Can We Have The Party? It’s so entertaining and at the same time, it helps kids. Would you pinpoint the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an author? My health. Who has been most instrumental in your publishing career? Just one person? There are many people who’ve encouraged me on my path: my family. Tell me your views on the dreaded Writers’ Block? Hey, I just recently blogged on this. I have to say that writers’ block is real and the solution is very simple. What keeps you away from writing? A vacation, prior commitments that I can’t break, or my health at the time. What do you do with the bulk of your day? I’m a part-time writer so I work on my WIPs for the most part, I edit and review children’s books, and I also write for my church newsletter. What are common traps new writers should avoid? Oh, man! Don’t believe all the publisher ads on Facebook. A lot of the are vanity presses or scams. Also, don’t have a family member or friend read you story. They’ll just tell you want you want to hear. Your best bet is to join a critique group. Everyone there wants to help improve their and everyone else’s writing, so you’ll get honest feedback with suggestions on improving your baby.

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