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Not Funny

I follow a number of different pun pages on Facebook, and something is annoying me about them. So many are not funny.

There’s one that makes some word-play about the James Taylor song, Fire and Rain. It shows a group of monks with Wayne from Wayne’s World (the picture is below), with “I’ve seen friars and I’ve seen Wayne.” To me, it’s not funny.

What would make it funny is if the movie, Wayne’s World, featured monks as backup singers. Maybe if Garth took vows, or James Taylor did. Then the actual word play would mean something. As is, it’s simply words that sound like the original. They might as well have put a town crier flashing a medieval crowd while standing on a drain and proclaimed, An obscene crier on a Pisces drain. Or a clothes drier with a whooping crane, “I’ve seen driers and I’ve seen cranes.” Those aren’t funny either.

For the pun to be funny, the pun has to mean something. Like the one with a bathroom sink and a wooden shoe: I think my drain is clogged. Make holy water by boiling the hell out of it. Even the one with three dogs having their heads stuck through a slice of bread, “I think my dogs are inbred,” is better than Friars and Wayne. It is reaching too far, but I can see some humor in it.

One of my favorites is, Communist jokes aren’t funny unless everyone gets them.

Now THAT is punny!

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