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Next Week: Laney Smith

Next up on our schedule is romance writer Laney Smith. Like Renee', she has a brand new book: His Best Bet.

From her author page:

"MVP Ryan Priest had it all, living his dream as a professional baseball player. He had the house, the cars, the endorsements, the parties, the women, the money . . . and a reputation for lining his pockets with winnings from his illegal gambling activities. Ryan suffered the consequences, however, and served his punishment. Though he professes his innocence, when Ryan costs his team the World Series, no one believes he isn’t up to his old tricks. Forced into an early retirement, Ryan is adrift and uncertain what to do with his life."

Welcome, Laney Smith, to Meier Writers. I've read her Lock Creek series, and I can attest to her skill in weaving a compelling story.

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