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Next Round

By Mark Meier

A dozen authors have blogged here now, and I think it’s time to start the next round with the current crop of contributors. The purpose of this site is to create a growing awareness for these authors. These are talented contributors to their genres. I’d hope they each can learn something from the others here. I’m kind of a science geek, so I’ll put this in terms of nuclear physics: the closer these atoms get together, the more interest they’ll radiate. Eventually a critical density will be attained, and this web site will explode. Metaphorically. I don’t want it to literally detonate. So I’m asking these dozen authors to keep contributing, but on a scale that’s less intense. The first set of blogs I’ve asked for was a lot of work, especially for authors who hold a “regular” job and write in their “free” time. I’m also asking them the share on social media. No doubt they have fans who view them as their favorite author, and asking them to consider these other authors holds some weight. Remember, I’m asking ALL these authors to share ALL the others. Perhaps we can cross-pollinate, if I can start another metaphor. Additionally, I’m asking people who don’t contribute here to share this on social media. If you’ve read the post this far it must hold some interest to you. Maybe it’ll hold someone else’s interest, and in a few years you can talk about the time you read about “this” or “that” famous author when they weren’t famous. Maybe you can actually interact with them on social media and help them become “that” famous author. I’ve read every one of the blog posts here. I found each of them interesting in one way or another. Moving into the next round, I hope to learn something new – again.

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