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Neora - 2680

I find it somewhat funny what people remember. About a decade ago I tried writing a story that would now fit into my “Purple Crypt” book series. That’s totally forgotten, apparently, by a lot of people. Then again, it wasn’t very good (first drafts never are), nor was it thought out effectively. Issues with the plot were . . . legion. So I stopped, and now what people remember is “Purple Crypt” is like what Someone Else is working on. Funny, but also kind of irritating.

Having expressed that, I’ve written about three beginnings to the novel Neora - A “Purple Crypt” Story, which starts in the year 2680 in my timeline. No doubt I’ll have another beginning soon, because research has made my characterizations questionable. That’s the thing about research, though - every time you learn something new it affects the whole story.

The Amira (Neora’s mother) I have now is kind of a complainer. However, the needs of the character require her to be nice and pleasant, then turn into the complainer. For the time being, however, I need to change that personality. But that means I have to change OTHER characters’ responses to Amira.

Basically, it would be easier to rewrite the whole beginning I’ve already written three times.

That’s the update on Purple Crypt. My other major project, The Brotherhood, is getting a revision to put in more descriptions. I tend to write on the side of brevity, leaving out things like emotions and setting. Now I need to put some paint on the walls and smiles or tears on faces. The closer to the ending I get, the more the story is simply framework. Once that gets done, I’ll turn it over to people to check if the plot holds up. Perhaps I’ll be ready to find an agent by the end of the year, or submit without the benefits an agent can provide.

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