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Meet Laney Smith

First off, I would like to thank Mark Meier for trusting me with his “blog waves.” My goal is to behave myself so he’ll let me come back.

Wish me luck!

As a writer, one of the questions I get asked a lot is, “When is your next book coming out?” Well, about that . . .

I am within days of my ninth release – His Best Bet. [Mark’s note: This has recently been released, and the link is there.] This piece has been in the works for two or three years, now. For me, I can sit down with a story and it’s flying out of my fingers faster than I can type it. Then, out of nowhere, another story “interferes.” So, that forces me to abandon the piece I was working on and start a new story. Sometimes, they kind of wither and fade into the dark halls of some forgotten story graveyard. Then, sometimes, as with His Best Bet, the story refuses to let me forget it.

In this story, Nathan, one of the main characters, is a seven-year-old baseball aficionado who insists he is not a kid. He believes he’s just one of the adults. His parents are divorced and Nathan’s father is a deadbeat dad with little interest in raising his son. His mother, Corlay, on the other hand, is prideful and stubborn. Through her own life experiences, she has trouble trusting people or counting on them. Next, we have a professional baseball player who has been forced into early retirement due to a few bad choices in his past – gambling. Ryan lived to party and to play baseball. That lifestyle defined him. However, after his career dried up, so too did the party life. So, eventually, Ryan decides to return to his hometown. Nathan sort of “crashes” into Ryan’s world and the shenanigans ensue.

With this book, I decided it would be interesting to release a “softer” version, as well as an “uncensored” version. Some readers prefer a cleaner read. Some readers enjoy the raw story better. This seemed like a simple solution so that everyone could have a choice. It’s the same exact adorable story. However, there will be two versions.

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