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Looking Ahead

Like most writers, even when I’ve just done a release, I’m already looking ahead to my next book. Or like some writers I know, the next five books. For me, I have the third installment of my Zombie Instinct Series. The first two, Molly: The Beginning and Molly: Immersion are available now. I don’t know how long the book will be or when it will be out. Depends on how fast I can write it. I’m also one of those authors who doesn’t have a plan. I don’t outline. Ever. The closest I ever get are some vague notes I jot down at work when it’s slow. For me, when I write it’s like a movie plays in my head. I know, that make me sound crazy, which to a degree, I suppose I am. All I have to do, is write down what I ‘see’. Sounds easy enough right? Not so much. Even more so with these characters. Molly Everett was an average person, living a normal, boring, average life when the zombies came. She was forced to adapt to her new environment. She was doing pretty good when she took refuge from a blizzard in a small grocery store. That’s when everything changed for her, and the teenage girl hiding in the store.

Molly becomes a zombie, only not your average shambling dead. She’s an Alpha. Which means, she can think and remember who she was. She’s still herself, just more. She fights her urges to feed, refusing to kill innocent people. Of course, in the apocalypse, you have to do whatever it takes to survive. Throw in Double Helix Industries, a bio-engineering company searching for a cure to the virus and Molly has a real mess on her hands. Double Helix believes that Molly and Kelle hold the key to not just the cure, but the future of humanity. Only Molly refuses to be their guinea pig.

Book Three will delve deeper into Molly’s past, who she was before the outbreak as well as that of Double Helix. I can’t say much more than that, because honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Thanks for reading my ramblings and Happy Reading.

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