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I Am A Word Nazi

I admit it. When I see something wrong I tend to shake my head, and have to fight with myself to NOT correct things on social media. “That’s not question.”


“I could care less.” In other words, this doesn’t reach the level of “COULDN’T” care less.

The thing is, social media is full of this kind of thing. I’m not so much of a grammar cop that I HAVE to correct this - it is social media. That’s not meant to be the epitome of correct. Anybody spending a few minutes there would notice that.

On the other hand, I’m an author. My goal is to get my writing as close to the ideal as possible. But the English language is fluid, and what’s correct tomorrow might simply be what the usage is today.

“There’s less dollars in my account” has become an accepted practice, when not that long ago that would have required “fewer” dollars, because the dollars could be counted. “Fewer gallons” in my tank, “less gasoline.”

Even though that kind of thing is “doesn’t matter” these days, I’ll still fight against it.

I even try to use correct grammar and spelling in text messages.

Cn U blame?

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