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Ebony Sea Returns

By Mark Meier

I’ve sort of ignored my Ebony Sea series for a couple of years. Mostly it’s because of another project I’ve been working on that should be released in the spring. The Handy Wisconsin Answer Book is nearing completion, and my coauthor and I have gone over the galley proof. Professional proofreaders will take a crack at it, then I’m guessing we’ll be asked to reread again.

That project began with a signed contract in October of 2016, though I started work over that summer. Don’t tell the publisher.

There were a few delays along the way, but by the time that book hits the shelves it’ll be after nearly three years from when I was first contacted. That’s the biggest reason Ebony Sea has . . . languished.

Across those three years I haven’t worked exclusively on the Answer Book. There’s a novel (turned out to be more of a sketch) I’ve been turning into a trilogy. Book I: Ravid is nearly ready to put in front of Beta Readers, and I hope to have that done before the end of January. I’m getting sick of looking at that story, and need to compose something new.

Enter Ebony Sea.

The Origins collection has been around for years, and “Season One” has four stories in it. I remember sketching out all ten of the stories in ES:1, so it shouldn’t be hard to pick it back up. Maybe by the end of 2019 I’ll have another ES book to my (pen) name.

Along with the Answer Book, I have a couple of stories in an anthology coming out in the spring, too. So at least two more books with my name will be available soon. With luck a third one.

A rough idea for ES:2 is in the works. I don’t recall if I sketched that one out or not, but in the process of ES:1 I’ll take a look so I can set things up for whatever I have planned. Hopefully there’ll be an ES:3, etc.

Along the way I’ll keep plugging away at the two sequels of Ravid.

And let’s not forget what I’m calling my master work, code named Purple Crypt.

If I tell too much about that, someone could (very easily) beat me to publication.

Sort of like Ravid. That series is code named Painted Wall. Once I get all three books whipped into shape I’ll shop it around, and the real title will be revealed.

I still can’t believe nobody ever thought of it before.

But first: Ebony Sea: One. Four shorts are available already on Amazon -- Saving Cayn, Of Nanites and Spies, The Pirates, and Tractors for Sale.

Keep up-to-date on Ebony Sea and The Brotherhood on Facebook.

Over the weekend I received word the Handy WI Answer Book is available for preorder wherever you buy books - BN, Amazon, wherever. Release date scheduled for May 1.

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