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Coming Up From KJ Waters

I’m writing the third book in the Stealing Time Series, called Killing Time. The series is based on the summer of 2004 when four major hurricanes hit Florida in a six-week period. This happened to be the summer I moved to Florida and within 3 days of settling in Hurricane Charlies hit, followed by Hurricane Francis the size of Texas, then Ivan and Jeanne. Not the welcome I was expecting.

Killing Time finds Ronnie happy she survived Charlie and Frances, but each storm sent her back in time. She leaves Florida to escape Hurricane Ivan and avoid another time travel experience agreeing to go on a business trip to Puerto Rico with her boss, Mike Walsh. While there, Hurricane Jeanne forms off the coast and during the storm Ronnie is again sent back in time, this time to the wild west. When she returns, Mike and Ronnie attempt to escape the flooding and survive mud slides and Ronnie’s growing health concerns due to the time traveling.

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