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Advice for Newbies by KJ Waters

By far my biggest challenge is finding the time to write with my consulting business, podcast, three kids, and book cover business. It is a struggle, Mark, I have to stay on top of it or I’d never get anything done. I bring my laptop to piano lessons, gymnastics, and ballet, and use every minute the kids are not in my hair to write. I’ve given up all of my TV shows and spend my time with the kids and get right to work once they’re in bed. It’s a juggling act but I’ve found that a schedule helps as well. I reserve Thursdays and Fridays for writing and try to make sure I get a good solid chunk done then while the kids are at school. As for Writers Block, mine usually comes from the part of the story I’m writing that hasn’t been thought through enough. My strategy has been to stop writing for a few days, and work on plotting that section to get the most bang out of it. I use the “Dexter” theory for tension. If you’ve ever seen the series with Michael C. Hall, you know what I mean. Whenever something bad happens to your character you search for the absolute worst thing that can happen to them and then add five layers to that. This is my page-turner strategy. I push my writer’s block into a corner and beat it to death with a thrilling idea then Dexter can read the blood spatters on the wall and determine the cause of death. Beginning writers shouldn’t get discouraged. It is hard to be a writer. No one just shows up and their book is a best seller, you have to work on your craft for years before it really sings to the world. By this time, you’d better have a social media or other platform to sell your books or you’ll be like most indie author and wallow in the dredges of Amazon’s million plus books. I’m a firm believer in helping other authors in any way they need it. I think the best thing I ever did for my writing career was get a writing partner. Suzanne Kelman, my podcast buddy, is my biggest cheerleader. Find another writer who will spur you on, someone you can bounce ideas off of and who will cheer your highs and pull you off the floor for your lows. Final edits always kill me. I’m impatient and want to get it out. My personality wants the new and exciting challenge, but my self-editor is a total task master. It’s a real struggle and in the end the whip cracking self-editor gets the job done but it takes a toll on my little happy bubble. Please sign up for my newsletter on my website and see my weekly sales and contests. I’m always offering ways to win copies of my books, and other special sneak peeks.

If you would like a free half hour consultation, please contact KJ on Twitter:, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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