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Advice for Aspiring Writers

By Ramiro Perez de Pereda

The best advice I can give an aspiring writer is this. Always ask yourself: “Why should the audience care to read what I’m writing?” Is your aim to entertain the audience? To teach? To move them emotionally? You need to be clear about the goal of your writing before you start hitting the keyboard. Good writing simultaneously asks these questions and provides their answers. You see, writing isn’t about the writer—it’s about the reader. The minute you insert something you think will make you, the writer, seem clever, you’ve lost your focus. That’s being pompous. No one cares what you think, and least of all what you think about yourself. If you want to get good at this craft, your focus must be on the reader. Be sure that every line you write adds value to the reader’s experience, otherwise, remove it from your book.

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