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I’m not sure if it’s my background in broadcasting, or something else, but I’m insulted by advertising. There are some commercials which are fun, some are funny, but today I saw one so beautifully done I had to smile.

And now I’ll share.

For those who don’t know, I’m an author. Almost everything I see or do is fodder for a story. Even the shows I watch are mostly about learning more of effective storytelling.

Enter Youtube. There’s a plethora of videos about how to construct a plot, which books some author or another finds helpful, and why “this” movie or book works and “that” one doesn’t.

Today’s video was How to do a Fight Scene. For the most part it reinforced what I already knew about storytelling an action sequence. If it doesn’t advance the plot then it doesn’t belong. BTW, that’s the rule of thumb for EVERY scene. Talking about a person’s morning routine isn’t very interesting . . . unless it’s followed up by (never mind. Watch this movie).

Back to my comment on advertising. In the middle of that video on fight scenes there’s a commercial for


The narrator of the video comes back on. “Don’t you hate that? If only you’d installed NordVPN.”

I wanted to cheer, and it was so well done I watched the whole commercial. It wasn’t entertaining exactly, but it also didn’t offend me with “drink this beer or eat these chips or drive this car and your life will suddenly make sense.”

Anyway, it’s the first time I’ve seen it and wanted to share. The commercial appears around 6:30 into the video, for those who only want to see what I’m raving about. For writers, the whole video might be a good reminder.

Back to your regularly scheduled day.

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