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Q&A Tuesday

In what genre(s) do you write?

Age matters for most of my stuff: children’s picture books through YA, plus mystery and short stories for all ages. I do other stuff, when I’m in the mood. I’ve also written regularly for magazines and a newspaper. I enjoy writing nonfiction, also.

What’s the favorite book you’ve read?

Series: I love Little House Books (Laura Ingalls Wilder) and Nancy Drew (Carolyn Keene).

What’s the favorite book you’ve written?

Where’s Johnny? (adult) and My Favorite Toy Car (child’s picture book) Neither published, yet.

Would you pinpoint the biggest challenge you faced as an author?

Giving myself credit for everything I already knew because I studied so hard in advance.

Who has been most instrumental in your publishing career?

My wonderful husband. He totally believes in me. That is the fuel of success stories.

Tell me your views on the dreaded Writers’ Block.

Keep on writing about whatever pops into your head. Just write what you see, smell, hear, want, need, think, or wish for, until the story returns to your brain. Then, just pick it back up and continue onward. You can always go back and delete the “dry spells.”

What keeps you away from writing?

Trying to stay healthy.

What do you do with the bulk of your day?

I often work until about 5 a.m. Then, I sleep until noon. I have days designated for larger housekeeping projects, marketing, phone calls, editing (for others), teaching writing workshops, having lunch with the grandchildren and reading to their classes, keeping the grandchildren over the summer to help their parents out, and preparing for and attending conferences, workshops, webinars, and critique meetings. I also run a writer’s critique group and organize an event to bring publishers and authors together every March. And, I have five pet chickens and a Welsh Corgi dog. All of them know they are human, and they don’t tell the others that they really aren’t human. It’s a big secret around here.

Thanks, Renee'.

We'll be hearing more from her through the week, and in weeks ahead.

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