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Here's the Plan

Mondays I’d like my authors to blog about one of their newest publications, or if currently unpublished the project they’re working hard to get noticed. Tuesdays I’ll post a Q&A with that author. Sort of an author profile. Wednesdays should be a comment or opinion piece that’s loosely related to writing or publishing. Thursdays will be a housekeeping day. “Coming up next week we’ll have Romance author Laney Smith” sort of thing. (She’s already agreed in principle to the project. I’ve read her Lock Creek series, and she’s a good storyteller.) Fridays I’d like to have dedicated to what that author has coming up in the future. Smith does more than just Romance, BTW. What else has she done? Stay tuned. That’s not to say an author can’t blog about a garden. Renee' La Viness (author, editor) has also agreed to take part as time allows, and she wondered about garden blogging. I told her, “What am I gonna do? FIRE you?” Each author you read here will not be paid, nor will they be paying. Their words will be their own. I hope you enjoy what they each have to say, and will support them as you can.

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