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Cyan Wraithwate

By Ramiro Perez de Pereda I am the author of The Many Deaths of Cyan Wraithwate, written in 1967 and published in 2014. It is what you’d call “old school hack & slash” fiction. It’s about a young army captain who gains immortality, but then realizes it for the curse it is—more of his body turns to iron with each passing day. He embarks on an impossible quest to rid himself of his curse, and maybe, save his soul in the process. I’ve also written Chasing Blood, a techno-thriller about a man who steals a briefcase of his mob boss’s money during a failed drug buyout, and his efforts to make a clean break with the cash. I curate the Shadows And Teeth series (Volumes 1, 2, and 3), which is an award-winning anthology series of horror stories. My short story, Bernadette (in volume 3 of the series) was selected for the Year’s Best Hardcore Horror last year.

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